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Thanks so much for visiting angeltype. 

Angeltype is online space for archiving our interests into clothing and accessories. We use the highest quality garments and accessories we can source; selecting specific fabrics for their feel, weight and texture, choosing .925 sterling silver for our jewelry, and durable canvas for our bags. A majority of our clothing is cut and sewn to specific measurements based on garments we personally enjoy. We reference various fashion designers we hold dearly to us and try our best to incorporate the great influence of these designers into our clothing and accessories. We also manufacturer a lot of items from the ground up in the USA from the cotton grown to the screenprinting process.

On a more personal level, from the creator, it's super important to do your absolute best to continue to create and create and create. In all forms of art, we learn information that can transfer over to the next. We started as a small sticker brand maybe selling a few stickers a month. And now were a niche corner of the internet selling clothes. But I have a lot of fun and I enjoy making stuff for other people to wear and enjoy and express themselves. I hope some of my creativity can make it's way to you through this project. Your support means everything. Love always. m

LAST UPDATED 02/28/2024